Preferred Cleaning Service, INC

Preferred Cleaning Service and World Vision has formed a meaningful partnership, driven by a shared commitment to making a positive impact globally. The collaboration arose from a deep admiration for World Vision’s dedication to allocating donations efficiently to support impoverished children worldwide. The company’s admiration for World Vision’s impactful efforts, particularly in providing clean drinking water to communities in need, has inspired their annual objective of fundraising for well-drilling projects.

Child Happiness

The staggering statistic of 500 lives lost daily due to a lack of clean water access deeply moved Preferred Cleaning Service, prompting them to prioritize fundraising efforts to address this crucial issue. They aim to raise sufficient funds annually to finance well-drilling projects, thus enabling communities to access clean water and ultimately improving health outcomes.

Preferred Cleaning Service values World Vision’s personalized approach, which involves regular correspondence with the children they support. This direct interaction allows them to witness firsthand the aspirations and interests of the children, fostering a deeper emotional connection to the cause. While the company collaborates with various charitable organizations, their affiliation with World Vision holds special significance due to its prominent role in their charitable endeavors.

In addition to their partnership with World Vision, Preferred Cleaning Service also collaborates with Cleaning for a Reason, an organization offering cleaning services to cancer patients at no charge. This partnership underscores their commitment to working with charities prioritizing altruism over profit retention.

Ultimately, Preferred Cleaning Service’s decision to closely align with World Vision is driven by the emotional connection they foster with the children they support, highlighting their dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.