Preferred Cleaning Service, INC

Are you looking to join a dynamic team where you can grow while serving in the care of others?  Well then we’d like to meet you!  We are a prime Janitorial contracting company that is Nationally recognized and awarded business of the year for 2023!

We are a core base company that brings on like-minded teams to grow strong with.

If you are trying to grow your company or are already established and looking for more business, then keep reading.

Our core values are:

Love to grow, this means that you’re always trying to learn new techniques and grow as a company, can take criticism and understand that you will grow from it, and always open to new ideas.

Be real, always be true to yourself, and love to be comfortable in your own skin. If you are an honest person and always stand up for what you believe in and expect others around you to be the same, you are our type of people.

Trustworthy, being trustworthy means so many different things, we would trust that you would show up to work on time and we would trust that you would communicate when things are an issue on your side so we can better help you and communicate. We would trust if you had a question that you would ask and not feel lost and your job and know that you have the support.

Give back, we are a family owned company that has longevity in our staff and teams. We get back within the community and this does not mean financially. This means with support that we can offer our teams when they need it with also give them back our company, supports children around the world and poverty with every account that we have so no if you work for us that are hard work that we put in as supporting a child in need somewhere in the world. Give him back as important. If we all work together in a positive manner and give respect, we will get respect. Treat others how you want to be treated and they will get back to you in the same way.

If these core values speak to you and you feel that you might be a good team member with us, please apply and see how we can support each other.

If you’re interested in learning more about a potential role with our organization, please send your resume or letter of interest to:  [email protected]